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The world is changing faster than ever before. Foster a culture of continual learning and give your people the skills they need to consistently grow.

Quick Start Kits

Our digital Quick Start Kits enable learners to apply small doses of micro-learning to a wide variety of specific and customized topics in healthcare.

Digital Courses

Longer, immersive digital courses give teams the opportunity to take a deeper, sustained dive into a wide variety of topics, leading to several different certifications that you can offer your people and teams.

Custom Workshops

We offer a diverse set of workshops, both live and virtual, that cover a diverse set of topics that are thoughtfully designed to meet the needs of any team.

Internships + Mentoring

We develop internships and mentoring programs with high schools, undergraduate programs, and graduate business schools to give students experiential learning experiences doing realistic work in the industry.

In 1955, high school graduates would master most of the knowledge they needed to succeed in life. Today that number is less than 10%. Our training solutions give organizations and teams the knowledge and skills required to be agile as the healthcare industry changes over time.

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Google Discovers Its Most Important Leadership Trait

In 2009, Google embarked on a mission to determine the real impact of their leaders, as well as what leadership qualities or behaviors were most valuable. As Google is known to do, it applied an intense methodology to its study, bringing in PhDs from across the nation to help their HR team complete the task, utilizing hundreds of thousands of data points from employee reviews to surveys and beyond. What they learned surprised them a great deal.

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