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Learn the methodologies, tools, and strategies used to deliver our training experiences and continue to build a culture that leads to better health and human performance.

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We believe that internal context, culture, and capacity are often essential for maximizing results, which is why we offer our programs through a train-the-trainer model that helps certified facilitators deliver unlimited workshops and training experiences within your organization.

Each certified facilitator goes through a rigorous training process to learn each aspect of our programs and gain a deep understanding of how to implement each strategy, method, and tool. Facilitators are certified after completing live workshops, learning challenges, and training designs that meet high standards.

As part of your annual membership, certified facilitators receive continuous support from our coaches and gain access to all of our training materials, which are updated regularly based on data from real outcomes at member organizations across the country.



Digital Base Camp

Candidates prepare for the workshop with a series of personalized, digital resources that provide the background knowledge needed to enter each live workshop. The digital base camp also serves as a valuable reference point and library of resources that can be visited over and over again.

Live Workshops

Candidates gather with individuals from around the country for a series of live, digital workshops in which participants learn about each coaching method and strategy and how techniques lead to better health and performance.

Learning Challenges

After each workshop, participants engage in an experiential learning challenge, putting each strategy, method, and tool in action in order to gain a deep understanding of the process and how others can use it.

Coaching Sessions

After each challenge, participants meet with a certified coach, who acts as a catalyst for growth by serving as a pillar of support and a facilitator for reflection on learning as you implement each process and method.

Training Design

To earn certification and qualify for enterprise licensing, candidates create training resources that can be implemented in their organizations. Each resource is shared with the Health Inbound training community to enhance the feedback and revision cycle and make each resource more effective at helping people grow.

One-and-done training and employee health experiences don’t work and are no longer necessary in the 21st century. Our thoughtful series of interactive, action-oriented training experiences enables candidates to gain all of the required skills and resources to lead continuous development for a large number of people in your organization.



Training Resources

From workbooks to white papers, e-learning modules, videos, and beyond, we make our entire library of training materials accessible to each certified member. We’re always adding new resources and improve old ones to ensure each learning experience you deliver is as effective as it can be.

Ongoing Coaching Sessions

We host live learning and coaching sessions throughout the year to bring our members together to learn about the newest strategies and tools available to help people reach their potential and make a big impact.



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