What Salary Do You Pay Your Website?

You may not be paying your website enough and it could be severely hurting your practice. We can explain why you need to give it a raise and how your organization will change once you do.

A Time for Reflection

When is the last time you thought about the salary that you pay your website? Not your website designer, but your website itself. The entity, and its social media counterparts, that sells your product or service for you 24/7/365, or roughly 8,760 hours each year. The star of your 21st-century presence.

Start by considering what you paid for it to be designed. Maybe you pay a software company $10/month to create and host your site. Or perhaps you paid a designer $4,000 and expect to refresh your site every five years.

But would you pay your best office manager or salesperson that little? For 168 hours of work each week? The answer is an obvious no because that’s lower than the minimum wage and, therefore, illegal.

A Shift in Perspective

A website was once the same thing as a listing in the yellow pages. It told your market that you existed, provided phone numbers, and listed your products or services. You could pay someone to create it and walk away, sometimes for months, maybe for years.

But then Google was born, and you had to optimize your site for their search results. Along came Facebook and the web became more social. Communities have emerged around Instagram, Yelp, and other platforms, becoming valuable resources for building a patient-centered brand. It’s clear to everyone now that the internet isn’t a large phone book that merely sits on a desk. Instead, the internet is a dynamic, evolving community that your market uses to fulfill their needs and desires on a daily basis. That means your website needs more attention, which means we need to think differently about its function. It’s no longer a listing, it’s your hardest-working employee

Your website needs to connect with your patients. It needs a wide variety of dynamic content that educates your audience about your product or service. You want to make sure your market can find everything they need on your site. And if they don’t? They’ll leave and find the information they’re looking for somewhere else, most likely with your competitors.

What Your Website Can Do For You

If treated correctly, your website can transform your organization and make you more successful than you’ve ever been before. Your website can act as a traffic hub, a library for patient education assets, and an automated lead generation center. It can bring new patients to your site through engaging content and interactive social media campaigns. It can generate new leads through gated premium content. It can turn those new patients into evangelists for your brand. It can help you grow your practice or organization in ways you never dreamed of.

Take a Look Around

When a job listing is posted, the salary is rarely displayed. Rather, applicants see the phrase: competitive salary and benefits. Great organizations compete on salary and you should do the same for your website. Practices across the country are investing in branding, marketing, and modern website designs. Are you keeping up with the marketplace or falling behind?

Treat your website and your digital marketing assets as one of your most important employees. Odds are your website deserves a bonus, or else it’s going to stop working for you. Maybe it already has. 

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